CERPA Research Programs

Economic Development

Economic DevelopmentCERPA's Economic Development Program facilitates research and policy analysis that promotes higher standards of living and improved economic and social conditions. The program addresses a wide range of economic and social issues, such as the urban-rural divide, higher education and tax incentives, but a particular area of interest is the intersection of environmental, energy and economic policy. [Read more]

Environment & Energy

Environment and Energy

The Environment & Energy Program promotes research and policy analysis on critical environmental and energy issues such as conservation and land-use policy, benefit-cost analysis of renewable energy, invasive species management, non-market valuation of green energy programs, and the impacts of climate change on the North Carolina coast. [Read more]

Experimental Economics

Experimental EconomicsExperimental Economics applies the laboratory method of inquiry to better understand how society operates. Experiments, in the lab and in the field, allow for a more precise investigation of how individual, social and institutional characteristics influence individual behavior and aggregate outcomes. [Read more]


Survey Research

Survey Research

The Survey Research Program provides CERPA critical capacity to conduct research and analyses on current social and economic issues. Survey research has contributed to a number of CERPA projects, such as estimating the benefits of arts and culture in local economies, assessing the preferences for off-shore wind turbines in North Carolina, and other such projects. [Read more]