The Center for Economic Research and Policy Analysis (CERPA) is a multidisciplinary unit at Appalachian State University. The mission of CERPA is to improve policy and decisionmaking by producing rigorous research and disseminating relevant information on current economic and policy issues. To that end, CERPA maintains research programs in the specific areas environment and energy, experimental economics, survey research, and economic development.

CERPA maintains three research laboratories:

Appalachian Experimental Economics Laboratory (AppEEL) supports experimental research that tests the validity of economic theories, examine the emerging questions of behavioral economics, and test-bed new market mechanisms and policies. AppEEL can improve predictions of policy outcomes by serving as a wind tunnel that reveals the responses and outcomes associated with alternative policies. The improved understanding and predictions enable decisionmakers to implement policies that better achieve targeted outcomes. For more information about AppEEL, please contact Micheal McKee; mckeemj@appstate.edu.

Laboratory for Experimental and Applied Political Psychology (LEAP) supports experimental research that examines the content and structure of political beliefs and attitudes, the processing of political information, and the factors that influence political judgments and decisions. LEAP can assist in our understanding of the communication of public policy between policymakers and the public by examining the behavioral and psychological elements of political phenomena. For more information about LEAP, please contact Todd Hartman; hartmantk@appstate.edu.

Appalachian Survey Research Laboratory (AppSRL) supports survey research and survey services to Appalachian faculty, staff and students; researchers at other academic institutions; local, state and federal agencies; and others working in the public interest. AppSRL facilitates a better understanding of how people view current social and economic issues and alternative public policies. AppSRL can use multi-modes-telephone, internet and mail-to conduct local, state, regional and national surveys, and can undertake all phases of a survey project. For more information about AppSRL, please contact Todd Hartman; hartmantk@appstate.edu.

center for economic research & policy analysis appalachian state university


Director: Dr. Todd Cherry
Room 3095 Raley Hall
Boone, NC 28608
Phone: (828) 262-6081
Fax: (828) 262-6105

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